LED Floodlight HQ 100Watt 90-265 V IP65 Cool White[09213]

LED Floodlight  HQ 100Watt 90-265 V IP65 Cool White

€53.75 20% VAT incl.


< strong > Led Floodlights HQ are assembled entirely from our company and have 3 years written warranty.

Compared with regular LED floodlights , the series HQ 100 Watt of < strong > LEDMEGASTORE weight 20-25% more, and accordingly they have larger cooling system for better work of the LED chip. We achieved the best possible performance of our drivers, which have less than 1% wastage.

< strong > Led Floodlights LMS HQ have low power consumption, low operating temperature, resistance to climate influences(IP65) and they are environmentally friendly.

< strong > Led Floodlights LMS HQ can be used for outside and inside lighting in shopping centers, industrial buildings, sport centers, parks, advertising constructions, parking lots.

They have 2 Led Chip < strong > EPISTAR total power < strong > 100 Watt 11000 lumens and corresponds to a regular floodlight 975-980 Watts.

< strong > The driver of< strong >Led Floodlight HQ 100 Watt Cool White has power factor < strong > 0.98 (COS f - Power Factor).

Under power factor in a chain we mean cos f of the sinusoidal angle (COS φ - Power factor), i.e. the angle, formed by the voltage and current vectors of this circuit.
The electrical system consumes electrical energy from energy suppliers’ network. In case of low power factor, the suppliers charge consumers, to cover the additional expenses ,due to network losses.
When < strong > LED Floodlight 50 Watt has Power factor < strong > 0.50 (i.е., it has driver with bad quality) the floodlight’s consumption will be< strong > 75 Watt instead of< strong > 50 Watt т.
If < strong > LED Floodlight 50 Watt is < COS f - Power Factor > 0.98 (just like Led Floodlights < strong > LMS HQ of our company) then the Floodlight’s consumption will be < strong > 50 Watt because Power factor is closed to (COS f 1).

What should we take care of before buying LED Floodlight.
Many stores, to keep lower prices,import and sell LED Floodlights ,which have drivers and LED chips with bad quality (respectively with low COS f and worse light).
LED Floodlights may look similar,but inside they are different, as they can be made of low quality materials, which may lead to burnt LED chip or driver for shorter time. Also you may have problems with electrical system and the places you mounted them.
LED Floodlights of Ledmegastore LMS are assembled in our company from high quality materials, which are carefully selected from the technical department of our company and for this reason we give 3 years written warranty.

< strong > For more information and additional questions , please contact:211 17 68 204
< strong >

Base: HQ 100Watt 100-265 V IP65 Cool White
Color Temperature:6000K
Light Color: Power: 100 Watt
Input Voltage: 90-265 V AC
Operating Frequency:50-60Hz
Led brand Chip: Epistar
Lumens: 11000
CRI (Ra>): 85
Beam Angle: 120°
IP rating: 65
Working Temperature: -30℃~50℃
Energy Class: A+
Life span: 50000 hours
Materials used: Aluminum
Dimming function: NO
Dimension: Dimension:Length: 45cm - Width: 15cm - Height: 31cm
No UV and IR radiation
Certificates: CE & RoHS

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