DMX Recorder 512 - RS-232 [05408]

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This unit is assistant DMX controller. You can record some existing DMX program from DMX controller and playing in other place. It has RS-232 function which will enable you to do some special work. Please read the manual carefully before you attempt to use it.


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Δεν περιέχει καλώδιο DMX 512

Be suited to 512 channels DMX controller
Record 8 programs and each program can up to 512 scenes.
RS-232 interface which can control all function.
External control interface for remote control or foot controller.
External audio input: 0-100ppm.
Translate RS-232 signal to DMX signal.   
Power input: DC9V, 500mA.
XLR interface and DB-9 interface.
Dimension: 210X120X65mm
Weight: 0.95kg

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